The elation you felt in the first year of your first home fades into warmth and security as memories are rooted into the space. Also annual rites of passage and maintenance provide a timeline of your family’s evolution in the house. The five year plan that made sense that first year turns into a decade of comfort and making do.

A change as monumental as making a move deserves to be considered with care and caution. But circumstances don’t always leave us with the time or wherewithal to process every decision. That is why the advice and advocacy of a professional who works in home sales provides value to over 80% of real estate transactions in the United States.

Our Realtors know what questions need to be answered and how to best position your unique property in the marketplace where home purchasers are looking. And that marketplace changes constantly due to home inventory, the demographics of buyers and the sources they consult to find out what is for sale. Buyers are driving neighborhoods with the internet in their car and want to know as much about a property before they ever make an appointment. However, they also know that eventually they won’t know the home unless they walk into it.

Our job is to create that appointment. A few of our tasks include:

  • Assessing repair projects before marketing your home
  • Finding a price window that maximizes your equity
  • Tips to increase all important curb appeal of your home (yes, it is likely your house never looked better than the day it is listed)
  • Preparing a plan to differentiate your home from its competition
  • Communicating to other Realtors the benefits and values of your home
  • Vetting possible buyers before they wander through your home
  • Gathering feedback
  • Executing a contract fairly and with thorough attention to keep you interests protected

Our Realtors are in a professional career for the long haul – their protection of your most valuable asset and therefore the long term health of your family is always job number one.

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