We know you have questions, and our agents are here to walk with you every step.

One might say buying a home is a rite of passage. A step towards the American Dream. We believe it is a moment in life that merits real research and a trusted partner. That’s where we come in.

● How much house can I afford?
● Renting vs. Buying
● Why work with a real estate agent?
● Finding your home
● Submitting an offer

While this may be your first time buying a home, our agents do this every day, They are happy to walk you through the process, providing the most accurate numbers, while talking you through exactly what those numbers mean. Most importantly, our agents offer real-world insight and advice based on local market experience. Its that level of knowledge that will leave you 100% confident in your decision to buy. Find an agent.

Example of Renting vs. Buying

With every rent check you write, you are helping to build equity in your landlord’s property. That’s money that could go towards building equity in a home of your own.

When you rent you cannot control the increase in prices. With home ownership you control what you pay. The point is, life gets more expensive over time, and one way to secure your housing future is to own a home.

There are many advantages to BUYING a home, besides building equity and tax-deductible payments, you can improve or modify your house to satisfy your liking without permission from a landlord. The decision does not come without risk – there are potholes in the road – but with a trusted advocate on YOUR side, you can mitigate risk and reap the rewards for years to come, especially when you need to sell the property to meet new needs down that road!

Call us today to analyze where you are on the path to home ownership. We have great partners in the mortgage industry who are ready to qualify you for a loan that fits your lifestyle.


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